Palma Pearl Necklace

Palma Pearl Necklace

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Palma Pearl Necklace

Timeless pearl necklace with amethyst gemstones.  The gentle amethysts, with their soothing hues, hold a promise of serenity and passion, entwining a tale of harmony.

Resulting in breathtaking elegance that speaks of passion and craftwomanship ✨ the Ethereal Whispers necklace, meticulously handcrafted with lustrous pearls and adorned by the regal amethyst gemstones.

All our pearls are handpicked with the utmost care and love & are unique in size, shape and colour. Each piece is a masterpiece cocreated with a talented female artisan from Turkey, adding a touch of cultural authenticity to your jewelry collection.

 Real fresh water pearls & amethyst & Brass clasps
Size: 42 cm + 4 cm extension

Where: All pearl jewellery were handmade in Tekirdag, Turkey by female artisans who make a living from handicrafts. 

They come with the cutest small pouches.