About Us

Martis Berlin was born in Berlin in September 2020 and evolved in a pretty village called Kas, Antalya, Turkey, in February 2021 with a passion for creating a business not only for myself as a woman but also a business that also supports women who create unique handcrafted products with love and passion.

All products are handcrafted by either women-owned small businesses or organized by women cooperatives that support women to have their own financial independence.

We select the brands carefully and get in touch with their founders, and get close as if we are friends! We are already so grateful to be a part of this lovely tribe.

Furthermore, we do care about the environment and sustainability. We put great effort to make collaboration with brands that align with our values. But not all brands are made with sustainable materials. We are trying our best to do it so.

Thanks for supporting our dream!

Marti means seagull in Turkish. `s` is the plural suffix that refers to all our women tribes. There is one song called 'Marti' by Ezgi'nin Günlüğü, which helped me a lot to survive during tough times while I was making some steps for this business. 
I strongly recommend you to listen to this song. <3

Please send me an email at hello@martisberlin.com

Lots of love,